Ottawa River Waterway

The Ottawa River Waterway offers 1,200 km of magnificent scenery to enjoy and experience.

The scenic Ottawa River is one of the most beautiful and history-rich rivers in North America. The river flows southeast over 1,200 km (745 miles) from Lake Temiskaming to Montréal where it drains into the St. Lawrence River.  

Modern-day explorers enjoy the multiple attractions along the Ottawa’s picturesque banks, where wildlife abounds one minute, and a small (or not so small) community is waiting to be discovered the next. There are several sites of interest on this journey, such as historic Oiseau Rock on Pontiac County shores, Pembroke’s large outdoor heritage mural collection and Témiscamingue’s Enchanted Forest at historical Fort-Temiscamingue… And in the many municipalities, townships and villages along the river, you’ll find restaurants, shopping and services.

A journey on the Ottawa is made possible by a reliable dam by-pass system of marine hydraulic trailers. Services are available from Lake Temiskaming to Ottawa/Gatineau. Reservations are required.


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The Ottawa River
By-pass system
Marinas & Moorings
Navigating the Ottawa River

The Ottawa River was once an important transportation and fur trade route for American Indians and early explorers. Four hundred years ago, Champlain was one of the first Europeans to navigate this ‘Great River’, which had been inhabited by the Algonquins since times immemorial.

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An efficient by-pass system from Ottawa/Gatineau (Fitzroy Harbour) to Lake Temiskaming clears the obstacles to smooth navigation. Transport services are available at seven portage sites for boats up to 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg) and 30 feet (9,1 m) long.

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Have your pick for the night: cozy bunker on your boat, gently rocked by the river in a quiet cove; pitching your tent at a campground along the way, provincial, private or rough; docking your boat at a full service marina where you can refuel and use amenities.

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Many natural elements affect navigation on the Ottawa: winds, rain, change in river width, water levels, etc. Plan a safe trip by checking weather and water conditions at each stop and by-pass location.

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