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By-pass System

Portage By-Pass Sites

The Ottawa River offers an efficient by-pass system to circumvent obstacles to navigation, such as rapids and dams. The system consists of state-of-the-art hydraulic trailers and trucks that lift your vessel onto a platform and transport it safely by road to the launching site on the other side of the obstacle. The traveling time varies from 20 to 50 minutes.

How to make a lift reservation

You can book a reservation for one site only or for all sites you plan to use. Reservations must be planned 24 hours in advance. Just call 1-866-224-5244 and provide your name, telephone number, estimated arrival time and length of vessel.

Types of crafts accommodated

The by-pass system can handle many types of recreational crafts:

  • Cruisers up to 30 – 32 feet in length
  • Pontoon boats up to 28 feet
  • Fishing boats, PWC
  • Sailboats with retractable masts and keels 
  • Weight not to exceed 12,000 lbs
  • Boats exceeding 8 feet 6 inches (2.60 meters) in width require a special transportation permit billed to the client.

Unfortunately, due to clearance and trailer design, houseboats or sailboats not equipped with retractable keels and quick-stepping masts cannot be accommodated.

By-Pass Sites

Following is a list of the by-pass sites:

  • Fitzroy Harbour, Ontario – By-pass, adjacent to Quyon Ferry and above Chat's Dam. Lavergne Bay – Call Peter at 613-978-5244, or Jay at 613-282-6559
  • Portage-du-Fort and Bryson, Quebec – Call Gerry at 819-689-2693
  • Chichester and Desjardinsville, Quebec – Call Gerry 819-689-2693
  • Rapides-des-Joachims, Swisha, Quebec –Call Roger Paquette or Rémi Fortin 613 281-3537
  • Mattawa – Ontario
  • Temiscaming – Quebec

All by-pass sites have modern docks, concrete ramps and select sites have additional amenities available to make over-nighting at the docks more convenient.

Trailer Service List

Rideau or Lower Ottawa:

A hydraulic trailer service is available from/to Merrickville, Manotick, Dow’s Lake and the Lower Ottawa River at Petrie Island Marina to Dick Bell Park in West Ottawa.
Call 613-978-5244 or 613-282-6559, or 613-832-1414

Pembroke and upper Ottawa

For hydraulic trailer service above Pembroke, Ontario and in the Province of Quebec, call 613 585-7752

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Current Rates

The following By-Pass Sites charge $70.00 + GST for a single lift (one-way):

  • Fiztroy Harbour Ontario by-pass, adjacent to Quyon Ferry and above Chat's Dam. Lavergne Bay (Ontario)
  • Portage-du-Fort and Bryson (Quebec)
  • Chichester and Desjardinsville (Quebec)
  • Rapides-des-Joachims, (or Swisha, Quebec)